Good evening palsss! Mom, bro, sis, and I just arrived in El Tari airport - Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. (My dad was already in Kupang before). The flight was fine only a little shaky and we transit in Surabaya too. The weather in here is fine, well at least it's nit ass hot as I expect. Maybe because it's December which means 2 things, rainy season in Kupang and the perfect time for Flamboyant trees for flowering. So I'm gonna see pretty much trees long way down. Just wait for my next post, I'll tell you more about my holiday. Anyway, where did you spend your Christmas holiday? And with who? Tell me! xoxo, bulan.



Like what I already mentioned on my previous post that I'm going to have "Live In" program. So well yeah I'm off to Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta for 14-19 December. I'll see you soon palsss :)

There's an M in the middle of December!


I'm really excited for welcoming December! I don't know is it just me or does everything seems so nice on December. But not because there was snow everywhere, fyi I live in a tropical country. So that means I only experience 2 season rain or dry and that's also why I don't put any snowy snowy picture in this post haha, lame right. Anyways, I wanna thanks God first that I've completed my final exam on 4th of December. That was another hard week of a lifetime, I'm super super glad that it was over. But do you know what is harder? waiting for the result on January next year. I hate waiting. But I know that I'll waiting just fine on this December.

First, I will go out of the town! My school has this living-out-of-your-comfort-zone where we should live in some villages for 5 days and the condition of the village will be very different from our home so we are  forced to adapt, but don't worry its not like Hunger Games or being trapped in Kardashian's life hehe. The village located at Jogjakarta (± 13 hours from my town by car or bus) and I'm leaving on 14th until 20th. Beside Jogjakarta, I'm  also gonna go to Kupang to spend my Christmas there on 23th. That's gonna be epic, my big big big family lived there and i think Kupang is one of the most exotic cities in Indonesia.

Second, my school actually from 5th to 13th hasn't been really off and i still have to go to school. So for those 8 days of boredom I work it out by borrowing Korean drama series DVD from Nina (thanks nin!). I'm not that kind of girl who really into this korea thingy, but yeah I admit that Korean drama is much better than Indonesian opera soap and more easy breezy than Western TV series. The drama named "Heartstring", Nina said it's nice so then I just picked it. Currently, I was watching the 3rd episodes. There's a girl named blabla who likes to play Gayageum, Korean instrumental, and there's a boy named blabla who likes to play guitar. They accidentally met and I don't know what else, I can't even spell their names correctly.

Grab the plates and just dance!


So last Sunday (on 14th Oct) I have this test ,before i can go up to the next level , from this dance studio where I already trained before named Getar Pakuan (GP).The test is I had to performance in public, in this case a mall hihi.This event actually can be called as an annual event from GP. Anyway, I danced "Tari Piring" or plates dance or dancing with plates or whatever you called it. This dance originated from Sumatera, In Sumatera itself there are many types of Tari Piring, the one that I danced is from Minangkabau(you can search it on Google Map). Maybe photos will speak louder than words. So without much more words, here's the photos.

 Thank you for reading my post. Interest to learn Tari Piring? call me maybe! xoxo, bulan.

ada apa di akhir september?


September. Kenapa dalam kata september ada kata ember? Mengapa ember disebut ember? Apakah ember itu? ember adalah sebuah benda. ember hanya akan berguna jika ada isinya. Dan terkadang berharga atau tidaknya suatu ember tergantung dari apa yang ada di dalamnya. Begitu pula dengan manusia. "Berharga" atau tidaknya suatu manusia tergantung pada "isi" dari manusia tersebut bukan dari fisiknya. Mengapa kata berharga saya beri tanda kutip? karena secara religius pada dasarnya semua manusia berharga di mata Tuhan. Dan yang juga harus diperhatikan disini ialah, manusia bukan ember dan ember bukan manusia. Jadi pada bulan september ini saya mencoba untuk menjadi ember yang bernilai tinggi, yang bahkan dengan berlian swarovski hasil pelapukan air mata Adam dan Hawa pun tidak dapat membeli ember tersebut. Dan unfortunately saya masih terbilang gagal menjadi ember tersebut.Namun satu hal yang harus saya ingatkan kembali bahwa ember hanyalah benda mati. Dan inilah yang terjadi pada saya selama bulan September:
  • Playing with color pallete.
  •  I failed to try to learn wushu.
  • I got this assignment and it makes me know about Majapahit Empires freaking well.
  • I was in library for 20 hours for 5 days on the first week of this September.
  • I'm craving for overseas snack which I cant buy.
  • Yet still trying getting taller.
  • I watched The Lucky One.
  • I read Divergent and Insurgent!!! Folksssssss this book absobloodytelly sesuatuuuu. Menurut saya buku ini seperti Harry Potter digabung sama The Hunger Games. Ker ker kerennnnnn! Definitely waiting for the third book!
  • Let me introduce you to my new hobby, nembang. if you are a javanesse, yu pasti tau lah. Tapi tembang yang kunyanyikan bukan sekedar tembang level uan smp, ini adalah tembang level ujian esenempeteen. Anyway thanks to Saras yang telah berbaik hati membagi keahliannya berbahasa jawa ;)
  • Aku mencipatakan tembang yang berjudul "Selendang Sunda". Dan beginilah lirik tembang saya:
    "Selendang Sunda"
    Selendang sundooo.....
    Selendang sing paling dowo sajagat
    Lambang negoro kulo Republik Indonesia
    Dijajarke saking sabang ngantek tekan merauke
    Selendang sundo mensejeken negoro kulo
    (dan kelanjutan dari tembang ini baru nyampe tol cikamapek.)
    this post might be a little bit tiny mini mikro small random tapi biarlah ini menjadi oasis diantara debu-debu kekeringan , yang menumpuk 20cm melebihi killer-high heels, di blog saya. Semoga post ini menjadi Sungai Nil bagi blog saya yang ibarat Mesir. xoxo, bulan-gadis yang terjebak antara realitas dan mimpi.

Eat dessert in the desert!


Human needs food to think, to talk, to study, to walk, to travel around but most of all human needs food to live. But seriously from all of the food, I'd prefer die rather than live without eating dessert! A-damn-its-true quote from my mom,
 "Why did people put the dessert at the last minute? Because they believe to save the best for the last."
 And here are some Desserts that I love love loveeee. I was starving when I wrote this post, btw.

1. Caramel Apple Cheesecake Food Coma. I love caramel and i love love cheesecake.Lets see what would happen if they two are combined.

2. Ice Cream Basics from A Beautiful Mess woahhh they told you how to make a yum yum yummyyyy ice cream at home. Its really fun to try.

3. Old-Fashioned Blueberry Cake
I don't like blueberry as a fruit but I do like it as a cake. See the recipes on 101 Cookbooks.

4. Fresh Fruit Tart with Vanilla Pastry
Tasty Kitchen. Everyone needs fruits to survive and i like it more if the fruits are placed on a tart.

5. Green Tea Ice Cream Annies Eats. Yummy Healthy and Icy!

6. Peaches and Cream Stuffed French Toast. Recipe from A Beautiful Mess

7. Marshmallow Chocolate Mousse Tasty Kitchen
Actually, I don't know what the difference between mousse, foam and cream. is it just me or they do look the same...


Dear John Quick Reveiew!


Like I said in my last last lastttttt post. I've finished reading Dear John. But fyi, i've finished watching the movie too. As everyone knows Dear John was one of Nicholas Sparks's phenomenal books. And as far as I know it was published on 2006 and filmed on 2010. For me either the novel or the movie isn't a happily ever after romance them, this is a sad romance theme. Make sure you've enough tears, because you will be run out soon. So here is a little synopsis about it from the book and also the movie :

The story uses John Tyree's point of view of . So the story starts by explaining John Tyree's childhood in Wilmington, North Carolina. He was raised by a single dad who suffers with Asperger Syndrome and also an extreme obsession with coins. Sometimes, this, I mean coins, is the only subject John can talk about with his father. He struggled to gain his father's affection and did reckless things to do so. And after he graduated from high school, he didn't know what does he want to be. Then he choose to join the army. While he was on leave from the army, he met and then fell in love from head over toe to Savannah Lynne Curtis, the girl of his dream.They only needed two weeks to fall to each other. After his leave was done, he continued his work as an army. Savannah waited for John and sent him a letter every week which started with "Dear John....." the letter read, with the two words, a heart was broken and two lives were hanged forever.After the 9/11 tragedy, he must ultimately decide between re-enlisting in the army, or returning home to be with her. I don't wanna tell you how was it end, you should read  it by yourself. But thing you should know is from the beginning of the story He has told us that John and Savannah's relationship only has 3 parts which are a beginning, a middle,and an end.

The movie uses an observer's point of view. But mostly this movie tells about John's life. The movie starring Channing Tatum as John Tyree and Amanda Seyfriend as Savannah. The  movie starts by when John got shot and he was about to black out, instead of his childhood memories. He said, the first thing that popped in his mind were coins and the very last thing was his father. Mostly the movie and the novel were the same. But like any other adaptation movie, there are always differences. In the novel, Tim was Alan's brother. Alan has autistic, which made Savannah took special education major. But in the movie, Tim was Alan's father. In novel, Savannah was already in college when she met John. In movie. Savannah wasn't already in college when she met John. Another difference was, in the end of the novel John was only noticing Savannah from afar. In movie, John and Savannah were hugging each other. There were other differences but where is the fun if I tell you everything here? hihi.
And here is the movie trailer,  go take a look for a moment ;;)

And btw in the movie, John and Savannah had a habit of saying "I'll see you soon, then?" (instead of goodbye, seeyou, adios, or something like that) and when one of them say that sentence, the other will say "I'll see you soon then."
And the saddest part is..........................this.

For a fifteen-year-old-going-to-sixteen girl like me the story is easily-understand. Despite the story related to the military thingy. Because this story actually taught me more than i realize."Dear John" taught me :
  • No matter the way your father is, he's still your father.
  • About millitary thingy.
  • You don't need to see someone's face everyday to fall in love with him/her.
  • What is Asperger Syndrome.
  • Love meant that you care for another person's happiness more than your own.
  • No matter where you are if you close one of your eye, and then the moon will never be bigger than you thumbs.
  • At some point distance is just a number. 
Thanks for letting me share this quick review. Go bombed the movieeee!!! It was awesome! xoxo, bulan.

A Little Bit Of Today : First day of Easter Holiday


Today is my first day of Easter Holiday. I'll be off from school for 5 days. I spent my morning with tidy my room and read a lotttttt. I read comics that i rent from a rental comic in front of my school, GoGirl! magazines that just arrived at my house this morning, oh and also Dear John novel that i borrowed from Alira a day before hihi. I read bible too this morning, my favorite verse for today is Proverbs 19 : 21 "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." I, you, we, they, she, he, always have plans but it's God's plans that counted. I rarely have time to read newspapers in the morning because i had to rush off to school, so this day has been a wonderful blessing for me because i could read a neswpaper. My dad will be home tonite wiiihiiyyyyy. While i was writing this blog, i found myself really like this video. It looks like theres something calming and magical. This is a beautiful piece of art by Esteban Diacono set to, and inspired by Olafur Arnalds "Ljósið" which entitled "Dancing Smoke : Let Yourself Feel", very very well done i thought.

It's gonna be a wonderful easter i guess, i love egg and i do want eyes like rabbit lol. And thanks for letting me share my first day of Easter Holiday experience. xoxo, bulan.

Things That I Love : Today


hellloooo i was reading "The Last Song" ebook, when i wrote this. I'm on page 233 now. Thanks for Icha btw who sent me the ebook last month!!!  So like i said before my blog will full of pretty things that i like. And now i'm gonna tell ya things that i love this week.

1. All collections of White Musk Libertine from The Body Shop. I've already got the body mist, and fell so hard from head to toe to it. It smells good and memorable hihi

2. Marni Color Block Cross Strap Wedges, like all wedges are doing to those who wear it, makes you taller!!!! hell yes and i like being tall so I love this shoes.

3. I don't do make up. But i know someday i will and when i do i wanna try this one, Guerlain Compact Powder for spring 2011 collection. I saw this from a magazine and I saw how it could turn the model's face lighter and sweeter. like ittttttt!!

 4. Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ261/sB sunglasses. I love it because this sunglasses has a good purpose behind the creation. You can saving the atlantic forest with this Marc by Marc Jacobs fashion eyewear. They have a campaign which the campaign’s mission is to protect and restore the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, one of the world’s most endangered tropical forests. Nice job, guyss!!

5. I'm the type who likes to dissipate in the early months and stumbled at the end of the month, so i found this website, and really really thanked for the one who made it. So if you're a type of person who just like me, you should try it.

That's a wrap everybodehhhhh. And if you wanna buy one thing or more from that list, send me one!!!!!!! Now i'm going to continue reading  the ebook. Thanks for letting me share 5 things that i love. xoxo, bulan.

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Call me Bulan. In Bahasa Indonesia Bulan means The Moon. My parents named me Bulan because I was born at midnight. And yeah I was born in Indonesia. Precisely in Atambua, a lovely warm city next to Timor Leste. I'm rocking since August/9/1996. I'm an introvert student from Indonesia. I can get to any joke, so no hard feelings. Like to reading books and watching movies, either alone or with family/friends. I love listening to any kind of music, but i don't know why i'm such a band geeks, i mean i can listening to any soloist singer or boyband or girlband without getting annoyed and enjoying their music but i just never keep their song on my ipod. And like any other teenager in this world, I'm lazy moody and such a stubborner. I've a beautiful sister named Mentari (her name means The Sun, she was born om a sunny day!) and an awesome lil brother named Bintang (his name means Star, he was born at night!) from the same cool parents. I don't really get into blogging world but I'll try my best. My blog certainly will full of pretty things that I like and my messy adventure. Thanks for reading my little blog. Welcome! Grab a cup of tea and read for a while...... xoxo, Bulan Tamara Horo.