There's an M in the middle of December!


I'm really excited for welcoming December! I don't know is it just me or does everything seems so nice on December. But not because there was snow everywhere, fyi I live in a tropical country. So that means I only experience 2 season rain or dry and that's also why I don't put any snowy snowy picture in this post haha, lame right. Anyways, I wanna thanks God first that I've completed my final exam on 4th of December. That was another hard week of a lifetime, I'm super super glad that it was over. But do you know what is harder? waiting for the result on January next year. I hate waiting. But I know that I'll waiting just fine on this December.

First, I will go out of the town! My school has this living-out-of-your-comfort-zone where we should live in some villages for 5 days and the condition of the village will be very different from our home so we are  forced to adapt, but don't worry its not like Hunger Games or being trapped in Kardashian's life hehe. The village located at Jogjakarta (± 13 hours from my town by car or bus) and I'm leaving on 14th until 20th. Beside Jogjakarta, I'm  also gonna go to Kupang to spend my Christmas there on 23th. That's gonna be epic, my big big big family lived there and i think Kupang is one of the most exotic cities in Indonesia.

Second, my school actually from 5th to 13th hasn't been really off and i still have to go to school. So for those 8 days of boredom I work it out by borrowing Korean drama series DVD from Nina (thanks nin!). I'm not that kind of girl who really into this korea thingy, but yeah I admit that Korean drama is much better than Indonesian opera soap and more easy breezy than Western TV series. The drama named "Heartstring", Nina said it's nice so then I just picked it. Currently, I was watching the 3rd episodes. There's a girl named blabla who likes to play Gayageum, Korean instrumental, and there's a boy named blabla who likes to play guitar. They accidentally met and I don't know what else, I can't even spell their names correctly.

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