Grab the plates and just dance!


So last Sunday (on 14th Oct) I have this test ,before i can go up to the next level , from this dance studio where I already trained before named Getar Pakuan (GP).The test is I had to performance in public, in this case a mall hihi.This event actually can be called as an annual event from GP. Anyway, I danced "Tari Piring" or plates dance or dancing with plates or whatever you called it. This dance originated from Sumatera, In Sumatera itself there are many types of Tari Piring, the one that I danced is from Minangkabau(you can search it on Google Map). Maybe photos will speak louder than words. So without much more words, here's the photos.

 Thank you for reading my post. Interest to learn Tari Piring? call me maybe! xoxo, bulan.

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