the fault is in our stars, not in ourselves.


Sooo...... I went to watch The Fault in Our Stars last night, by myself.... hahahaha. That is such a weird experience. I often went to the movie alone but idk, this time the studio was full of people, like there's no seat left, even the front seat... and everyone was with their own company hahahaha 

Besides, there was this girl on my right who everytime there was a kissing scene or any scene that involve a lot of 'touch' she always whispers "Astaghfirullah..." (its an Arabic phrase means, I ask forgiveness from Allah) and it got me super weird hahahahaha omg.

And the movie well what can i say, it's sad but guess what... i didn't cry (more weird). Maybe because I read the book like 7395129 times so when i watched the movie I know what will happen next, what will s/he say next, and etc, its just quite predictable to me. But overall it was amazingggg!!! In addition, i can see Nat Wolff yipieeee.

This morning i listen to some original soundtracks from TFiOS on 8tracks, my fave is Boom Clap by Charli xcx, it was the song when Gus and Hazel arrived in Amsterdam!

ps : I was about to start reading Paper Town, since the movie will comes out next year, and Nat Wolff as the leading man! (what is air.....)

pss : arent those tfios watercolor drawing of mine super lovely! and the constellations too!

drawing update



As I told you on my last post that I'd really love to learn drawing and stufff, especially using watercolor. I read somewhere that drawing is a continuous-learning, you just can't stop because your skill will improve and improve as you practice more and more, its like if likened to a curve, it only goes up you know. But of course its going down if you stop practicing! 

Yesterday I drew these three figures, well idk but to me they're fine. And today I was thinking about to draw the planets. Well the Mercury and Neptune are done, and the rest will catch up laterrr. Its cute yaaaa hihihi

A little tips from me : Start drawing on a small piece of paper. Because it's easier and quiet not depressing. Because when I drew on a A4 and it starts to look weird, it depresses me like "I've come this far, should I start over again or what!?" Whereas if you draw on a small paper, its not that heart-breaking if it fails and you can easily start all over again :)

xo, bulan



Guess who's back from the stationery store and got a bunch of stuff for herself! That's me. So i know that i can't draw/paint since a long time ago, but I also know that there's nothing in this world that you can't do as long as you want to learn (that sounds quite poetic, errr). So for the sake of joy and a better future for myself, since now on I'll learn to have more artsy-soul in me hahaha.

So here's what I bought :
  • Faber-Castell 12 watercolour paint cakes
  • Artline Calligraphy pen in number 1.0
  • Simbalion poster color
  • Faber-Castell 12 wax crayons
  • Reeves brush in number 2
  • A few stolen color-shades from a paint shop near the stationery store (Its free actually, so basically I didn't steal it)
Wish me luck with this! Keep learning and always fascinated by this world, it feels nice!
xo, Bulan