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As I told you on my last post that I'd really love to learn drawing and stufff, especially using watercolor. I read somewhere that drawing is a continuous-learning, you just can't stop because your skill will improve and improve as you practice more and more, its like if likened to a curve, it only goes up you know. But of course its going down if you stop practicing! 

Yesterday I drew these three figures, well idk but to me they're fine. And today I was thinking about to draw the planets. Well the Mercury and Neptune are done, and the rest will catch up laterrr. Its cute yaaaa hihihi

A little tips from me : Start drawing on a small piece of paper. Because it's easier and quiet not depressing. Because when I drew on a A4 and it starts to look weird, it depresses me like "I've come this far, should I start over again or what!?" Whereas if you draw on a small paper, its not that heart-breaking if it fails and you can easily start all over again :)

xo, bulan

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