21 Nov 2015

Some night rants

"I know some young sisters who spend a ridiculous amount on fake hair, to impress fake people and to feel better about themselves in a fake society" - chakabars's instagram's caption

I started using makeup as a basic routine when i was in my 2nd semester of college. I'm majoring in communication, i learned that looking neat is one of many ways to persuade people to hear what you're saying. And the last two half years i tried to convince myself that when i put my makeup on, it means i love my body so i try to look "good", not that i hate my body so i try to look "good". But slowly it gets me to the point where i'm not pleased with my bare face, and it scares me. I don't even wanna go out without putting something (or some things) on my face.

On the other side, i hate the fact that when you were born as a female, the society told you that a woman's crown is her hair. Then they manipulate the standard of beauty, the standard of the "perfect" hair. Yet, i'm not pleased with my natural hair.

Gosh, i wish i'm brave and confident.

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Anyway, a few of my friends asked me about some beauty products that i used, so here you go.

Moisturizer - The body shop shiso UV protector
CC Cream - Hadalabo CC cream (medium shade)
Powder - Revlon touch & glow extra moisturizing face powder (translucent 1)
Blush - Maybeline cheeky glow (fresh coral)

Lipbalm - Moogoo tingling honey lipbalm (its organic! yay!)
Lipstick - Revlon super lustrous lipstick (love that pink)

Unbranded lash curler
Mascara - Maybeline hyper curl volum express
Brow - Silky girl duo eyeshadow (16 mocha latte) *i'm quite fine with my brow so usually i just fill them in with the dark colour of this eyeshadow using an eyebrow brush.

The Tribute

13 Nov 2015

*this post is created using bahasa*

The tribute to Sujiwo Tejo & Djena Maesa Ayu.

severe destruction

20 Agt 2015

There are bunch of pictures, and I had a hard time to pick some good ones. 
There are many things I want to say, and I had a hard time to put it in words. 
So here you go. 
Enjoy this post.

a letter for my 29-year-old-self

15 Agt 2015

A bunch of narcissistic pictures of me taken by Monicha

First thing first, it scares me that next year I’m going to be 20 years old. I think I’m not ready for it, but isn’t everybody the same? Last year when I turned 18 I made a letter for 28 year-old-self, this year I was thinking about making another letter. I always wonder if my future-self will be so much different with my present-self, will I still have this way of thinking like what I have right now? Will I judge my teenage-self silly and dumb? This letter basically ask my future-self whether I'm still the same or no.

There you go, I know the last post here is like months ago. I recently completed an internship in one of my favourite magazine as a copywriter. And at this moment of my life, I realize that now I have no idea what I wanna be. Before, I always want to work in a magazine industry, but the thing is after the internship I have this though like "can you survive the hectic deadline? the overtime? what about the fussy clients?". Dammit its tough.