Confession of A Binge-Watcher Who Hasn’t Quit Binge Watching (and oh my god this title is so long)


Binge watching is so bad. Even Mark Manson says in his book, that it’s the Big Mac for your heart and your brain. It tastes good going down, but in reality is nothing more than empty calories that make you emotionally fat and bloated. (umm, he actually doesn’t say it regarding binge-watching tho, but i like that statement and i think it’s still related so i’m just gonna put it there.)

Binge watching is so bad. “I shouldn't keep doing this because this is gonna mess my bedtime and my health in a long run.” did pop out in my head, many times. Yet after deciding for no logical reason to re-watch the whole seasons of Narcos for the 3rd times, i’ll end up sleeping at 4am then waking up in a great anxiety and feeling lost track of time.

Binge watching is so bad. It’s like voluntarily jumping into a river with a waterfall in the end. I know i’m gonna have to swim against the flow, but i still do it anyway. It consumes all of my energy and my time. In the end, there’s only regret and me promising to myself that i’ll quit. Yes, i'll quit (well, after 12 episodes of Young Sheldon.) or maybe no.

Binge watching is so bad. But i’m sorry self, we still have a lot to watch.

Films That Affect The Way I Perceived Marriage


I'm quiet easily-affected by things that I watched or read or listened. And today's case is marriage, and films/TV shows. My own concept of marriage has been affected by a few films and tv shows since a long time ago. And here they are:

Disney Films

I have a confession to make: my first encounter about wedding and marriage was possibly through Disney's films. Yup, Cinderella, Beauty & The Beast, Sleeping Beauty, all those fairytales with their wedding dress and church bells. And I do blame those fairytale-films for my my stupid-and-naive-minded...


MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE INDONESIAN FILM! The first film that took my stupid-and-naive soul away from my body and pretty much turned me into a realistic human being, in terms of marriage. Mba Nia Dinata, i owe you big time :)

Away We Go

The fact that the perfect parents doesn't exist and always be grateful for what you have, are pretty much the reasons i cried at the end of this film. Oh and i really adore this quote:
"I'll always love you. Even if you gain so much weight that i can't find your vagina."


This one is also an Indonesian film. Siti tells a story about a woman named Siti (obviously...) and her paralyzed-caused-by-sea-crash husband. Her family is hunted by a debt collector, thanks to her stupid husband. And because her husband can't financially (and biologically) support the family, Siti that had to struggle dealing with the debt. 

Her struggles keeping her family safe and sound is admirable af. It might sounds very 
pro-women, fuck-gender-roles and feminism, and all the bits and bobs, but hell.... the ending hurted me so bad. You need to watch it yourself. 

This is Us

Rising a family is a big deal of teamwork. Having siblings. Childhood dreams. Love has no colors. Gahhh, there were many things that i found interesting about This is Us. 

Please bear in mind, this series is so emotional to me that i dried my eyes out while binge-watched it. The characters are so well-developed, i couldn't help not to feel relate to each of them. 

House of Cards

The relationship between Claire and Frank is so lit. However as an anti-infidelity worshiper, their relationship fcked me up so bad. I can't even tell either i love them or hate them. 

I used to think that couple need to have kid ASAP after they got married. But oh well because of House of Cards, now i'm telling you this, please have kids because you want to and please make sure that you can handle the struggle, don't have kids just because society told you so. Having kids is a matter of choice, be responsible with your choice.  

And that's about it, for now. Do you have any film that influence your concept of marriage? Let me know!

I swear in the name of the Queen


Its almost a week since I left London. Two weeks in there, where everywhere you look there's always something fun to do, has been an exciting journey for me. Moreover, I've been very impressed with all of the unexpected things I've learnt from this MUN thingy in the past 6 months.

However here is the thing, I swore a lot when I was there. A lot. And those "oath" that I screamed in my head was the reflection of my situation at that current time. So lets do a recap and take a guess why I swore that :)

1. I swear I wont complain about Jatinangor's weather ever again.

2. I swear anytime I get the chance to pee or poop, i'll just do it!. Holding it up doesn't make it any better.

3. I swear I'll religiously drink 2 litres of water a day.

4. I swear I will only buy good quality shoes. Bad shoes is a bad investment. 

5. I swear I'll learn to be a better public-transportation-user. 

6. I swear I'll learn to love my physical appearance more.

7. I swear I'll listen to more music.

8. I swear I'll watch more movies.

9. I swear I'll take more pictures.

10. I swear I'll read more books.

11. Last but not least, I swear I'll try another MUN :)

P.S : I have a theory. These Londoners walk fast not entirely because they believe in "time is money" concept. They walk fast because they're cold. They're freezing, especially in winter. While in Indonesia, where it can be 40 degree celsius all year long, when you walk fast you'll be sweating like a fat guy in a sauna and that's really uncomfortable. Wdyt?

Legalitas Cinta


Genre : Drama
Sutradara : Jeff Nichols
Pemain Film : Joel Edgerton, Ruth Negga, Michael Shannon, Nick Kroll
Tanggal Rilis : 4 November 2016
Rumah Produksi : Raindog Films, Big Beach Films
Durasi : 123 Menit

Proud to say, I’m such a cynical romantics. And yes gw gak pernah nolak kalo diajak nonton film romance. Jadi pas tau Jeff Nichols bakalan bikin film drama romantis, fix gw kebeli. Karena ketika Jeff Nichols udah turun tangan, jangan harap ini cuma sekedar film drama romantis sepasang kekasih yang penuh haru biru.

Film Loving dibuka dengan scene Richard Loving (Joel Edgerton) dan  kekasihnya, Mildred (Ruth Negga) lagi duduk-duduk santai pada malam hari di teras rumah ditemani bunyi jangkrik, beberapa detik kemudian sepotong kalimat keluar dari mulut Mildred. Kalimat “I’m pregnant.” inilah yang menjadi turning point bagi hidup Ricahrd pun Mildred. Yaps, Loving menceritakan tentang pasangan interrasial Richard dan  kekasihnya Mildred yang diceritakan udah pacaran sedari SMA, hingga suatu ketika mereka memutuskan untuk menikah. Eh baru juga nikah, mereka udah ditangkap dan dijebloskan ke penjara. Why? Simply because he’s white and she’s black.

Tahun 1958 di Virginia, pernikahan antar ras bukan sekedar suatu hal yang seru buat jadi bahan gosip ibu-ibu kompleks pada masa itu. But it’s a crime. Dan sepanjang film kita diajak buat mengikuti perjuangan pasangan Loving ini memperjuangkan pernikahan serta anak-anak mereka.

Film Loving ini temponya lambat, menurut gw. Dan kalo lo berharap film ini bakal banyak adegan-adegan ngehe, kubur harapan lo dalam-dalam. Keintiman yang dihadirkan di film ini bukan keintiman yang penuh nafsu birahi dan adu bibir, but the kind that’s expressed less in words and more in how two bodies fit, as if joined by an invisible thread. Richard dan Mildred merupakan sejoli yang udah nyaman dengan kehadiran satu sama lain, yang gak perlu saling ngomong i love you tiap dua menit pun lo percaya mereka saling sayang (yes, I’m looking at you all Nicholas Sparks’s adaptation films)

Dari segi cerita, to be honest gw gak banyak tau tentang sejarah hukum pernikahan antar ras Amerika pada waktu itu, jadi gw gak bisa banyak cakap tentang ini. Tapi alurnya cukup mudah untuk dimengerti kok. Sedangkan Joel Edgerton dan Ruth Negga really gave such a strong performances. Joel Edgerton emang udah ada potensial buat jadi keren sejak muncul di Warrior, meskipun tahun lalu agak di “misused” di Black Mass, but he came back this year in such an outstanding way. Sedangkan Ruth Negga, oh well gw selalu menikmati scene doi teleponan, super believeable! Jadi ketika dua aktor ini ketemu dalam satu frame, kelar idup lo. I mean, gw aja seexcited itu waktu Richard ngelamar Mildred dengan tanah-buat-bikin-rumah sebagai mas kawinnya, like OMG those little gestures between them killed me. Oh dan yang gw suka juga adalah karakterisasi Richard dan Mildred yang multi-dimensional. Kadang gw bisa suka dan setuju sama keputusan mereka, tapi di lain hal gw bisa sebete itu sama mereka. But that’s what makes them human afterall.

Overall, kalo aja gw ngerti tentang sejarah sebenarnya kasus Loving ini mungkin (mungkin loh ya) film ini bakal lebih ngena ke gw. But dengan visual yang ciamik dan performances super dari Edgerton-Negga gw udah sangat menikmati film ini.

Stray Observations

- demi ampun, perasaan gw aja ato emang dari awal ampe akhir film kaga ada satupun rumah yang kelar dibangun
- kalo jaman itu udah ada Youtube dan Richard-Mildred bikin vlog diary “Richard-Mildred Against the World” pasti gw bakal nonton

young in this era


Igor Pjörrt

I've heard hundred of times some older people talk about how easy the young people life are. Everything is easy, instant, connected, so on.

My dad likes to tell us how he had to walk a long long way to go to school over and over again every time he has the chance, while now he says so easy because there’s public transportation, car, motorcycle, etc. Or my mom expressing how kid now are so addicted to technology. Some of my friends complaining how today kids only play with their gadget, that they know nothing about traditional games (games that involve physical/outdoor activity)

Every generation has it’s own good and bad. Well, maybe they are the instant generation; it’s so easy for them to do anything because there are technologies around them. Like its so easy to find everything that they need online, especially on Hari Belanja Online Nasional. As easy as going on Zalora and hunting for discount at Zalora Harbolnas :)

But its not always easy for them. Life has become faster. They didn't make it faster. The old ones made it faster by bringing in a broad range of activities and changes in human lifestyle + new kind of jobs in the market and new innovations. Unemployment rates have increased in many countries triggering frustration in young people. Even it scares the hell out of me (which not that young anymore), going to college seeing a lot of smart af kid. I can't imagine what kind of future the younger generation must deal with.

George Nimeh on his Tedx Talks once said that "Its the human behavior, its just the way we are. So don’t blame the digital technologies for it." 

The thing is parents these days like to lock their children indoors, because they think the physical world becomes more dangerous. They limit their children’s time to play, to socialize. That’s why they turn to tech. They aren’t addicted to the computer, they’re addicted to interactions. They want to play with their peers, that’s how they make sense of the world.

So dear the older generation, please be wise and move on;

Dear my fellow generations, if you hate when the older people bragging about their generation then please please, i beg you, don’t be like them;

Dear younger generation, be strong;

And to you all human beings, every generation's struggle is different. So stop comparing your generation to other generation. 

I have a thing with generation gap okay.