I swear in the name of the Queen


Its almost a week since I left London. Two weeks in there, where everywhere you look there's always something fun to do, has been an exciting journey for me. Moreover, I've been very impressed with all of the unexpected things I've learnt from this MUN thingy in the past 6 months.

However here is the thing, I swore a lot when I was there. A lot. And those "oath" that I screamed in my head was the reflection of my situation at that current time. So lets do a recap and take a guess why I swore that :)

1. I swear I wont complain about Jatinangor's weather ever again.

2. I swear anytime I get the chance to pee or poop, i'll just do it!. Holding it up doesn't make it any better.

3. I swear I'll religiously drink 2 litres of water a day.

4. I swear I will only buy good quality shoes. Bad shoes is a bad investment. 

5. I swear I'll learn to be a better public-transportation-user. 

6. I swear I'll learn to love my physical appearance more.

7. I swear I'll listen to more music.

8. I swear I'll watch more movies.

9. I swear I'll take more pictures.

10. I swear I'll read more books.

11. Last but not least, I swear I'll try another MUN :)

P.S : I have a theory. These Londoners walk fast not entirely because they believe in "time is money" concept. They walk fast because they're cold. They're freezing, especially in winter. While in Indonesia, where it can be 40 degree celsius all year long, when you walk fast you'll be sweating like a fat guy in a sauna and that's really uncomfortable. Wdyt?

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  1. One of the best.
    Great one LAnnn. Love the pictures and the story behind it.

  2. Ku baru sadar my brand new old skools were featured in your good shoes oath