Confession of A Binge-Watcher Who Hasn’t Quit Binge Watching (and oh my god this title is so long)


Binge watching is so bad. Even Mark Manson says in his book, that it’s the Big Mac for your heart and your brain. It tastes good going down, but in reality is nothing more than empty calories that make you emotionally fat and bloated. (umm, he actually doesn’t say it regarding binge-watching tho, but i like that statement and i think it’s still related so i’m just gonna put it there.)

Binge watching is so bad. “I shouldn't keep doing this because this is gonna mess my bedtime and my health in a long run.” did pop out in my head, many times. Yet after deciding for no logical reason to re-watch the whole seasons of Narcos for the 3rd times, i’ll end up sleeping at 4am then waking up in a great anxiety and feeling lost track of time.

Binge watching is so bad. It’s like voluntarily jumping into a river with a waterfall in the end. I know i’m gonna have to swim against the flow, but i still do it anyway. It consumes all of my energy and my time. In the end, there’s only regret and me promising to myself that i’ll quit. Yes, i'll quit (well, after 12 episodes of Young Sheldon.) or maybe no.

Binge watching is so bad. But i’m sorry self, we still have a lot to watch.

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