new people and inspiring illustrators


i just got back from my university orientation, so here i am. Firstly lets skip about the orientation because i dont wanna talk about it and it already ends so the past is the past. Lets talk about college, i made a lot of new friends in this last week. Making new friend can be quite hard sometimes but i think i’m doing fine.

The fact is, i love meeting new people. But here is the thing, when i meet someone new, some people love doing this small talks and it actually makes me awkward. Like hey, I want to know about you, yourself, the way you see this world, your favorite books, your music taste, or how many siblings do you have, how you become who you are right now, or whats the scariest thing youve ever done, and stuff like that. I do not wanna know what is up or how you doing.

and another stuff, i’m gonna show you some inspiring illustrators that i’ve found lately, so here you go.

a letter to my 28-year-old-self


“I remember going to my 10-year high school reunion; I was never friends with anybody, and that’s kind of why I went, as a sociological study. What was fascinating was that the people who were deemed antisocial and freaks in high school were now incredibly attractive and well-adjusted. There seemed to be some sort of catharsis about growing up and being alone that made you rely on yourself. What that seems to do, I think, is—the nature of creating, film, painting, whatever—you look to create those things that are lacking in your life. I never used to speak, and all of a sudden you find yourself in an environment where you have to speak to hundreds of people during a day. I’m still not great at that, but I’ve gotten better. We’re weird, hopefully self-healing organisms.” —Tim Burton, Film Comment, 1994 
Can we have a thunderous applause for Tim Burton. That's deep, i have to say. And fyi yesterday was my birthday... i'm getting old ughhh. I'm 18 now. And on the last minute of my day, I wrote this letter for myself 10 years from now. Its midnight and I ate a lof of sushi for dinner, so I'm sorry if it was a bit.... questionable? I put a bunch of stickers on it then scanned it. I wish i still can read this letter 10 years from now.

the sunda strait


Hallooo, I have a video to share with youuuu! 
Let me introduce you to The Sunda Strait, the strait between the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra. I live in Java and it was around last year I went to Sumatra by ship, so this was filmed from the ship I was in. It was super fun to filmed this video, but sorry if it was a bit boring to you...