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Igor Pjörrt

I've heard hundred of times some older people talk about how easy the young people life are. Everything is easy, instant, connected, so on.

My dad likes to tell us how he has to walk a long long way to go to school over and over again every time he has the chance, while now he says so easy because there’s public transportation, car, motorcycle, etc. Or my mom expressing how kid now are so addicted to technology. Some of my friends complaining how today kids only play with their gadget, that they know nothing about traditional games (games that involve physical/outdoor activity)

Every generation has it’s own good and bad. Well, maybe they are the instant generation; it’s so easy for them to do anything because there are technologies around them. Like its so easy to find everything that they need online, especially on Hari Belanja Online Nasional. As easy as going on Zalora and hunting for discount at Zalora Harbolnas :)

But its not always easy for them. Life has become faster. They didn't make it faster. The old ones made it faster by bringing in a broad range of activities and changes in human lifestyle + new kind of jobs in the market and new innovations. Unemployment rates have increased in many countries triggering frustration in young people. Even it scares the hell out of me (which not that young anymore), going to college seeing a lot of smart af kid. I can't imagine what kind of future the younger generation must deal with.
George Nimeh on his Tedx Talks once said that "Its the human behavior, its just the way we are. So don’t blame the digital technologies for it." 
The thing is parents these days like to lock their children indoors, because they think the physical world becomes more dangerous. They limit their children’s time to play, to socialize. That’s why they turn to tech. They aren’t addicted to the computer, they’re addicted to interactions. They want to play with their peers, that’s how they make sense of the world.

So dear the older generation, please move on.

Dear my fellow generations, if you hate when the older people bragging about their generation then please please, i beg you, don’t be like them.

Dear younger generation, be strong.

And to you all human beings, every generation's struggle is different. So stop comparing your generation to other generation. 

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