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Call me Bulan. In Bahasa Indonesia Bulan means The Moon. My parents named me Bulan because I was born at midnight. And yeah I was born in Indonesia. Precisely in Atambua, a lovely warm city next to Timor Leste. I'm rocking since August/9/1996. I'm an introvert student from Indonesia. I can get to any joke, so no hard feelings. Like to reading books and watching movies, either alone or with family/friends. I love listening to any kind of music, but i don't know why i'm such a band geeks, i mean i can listening to any soloist singer or boyband or girlband without getting annoyed and enjoying their music but i just never keep their song on my ipod. And like any other teenager in this world, I'm lazy moody and such a stubborner. I've a beautiful sister named Mentari (her name means The Sun, she was born om a sunny day!) and an awesome lil brother named Bintang (his name means Star, he was born at night!) from the same cool parents. I don't really get into blogging world but I'll try my best. My blog certainly will full of pretty things that I like and my messy adventure. Thanks for reading my little blog. Welcome! Grab a cup of tea and read for a while...... xoxo, Bulan Tamara Horo.

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