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Like I said in my last last lastttttt post. I've finished reading Dear John. But fyi, i've finished watching the movie too. As everyone knows Dear John was one of Nicholas Sparks's phenomenal books. And as far as I know it was published on 2006 and filmed on 2010. For me either the novel or the movie isn't a happily ever after romance them, this is a sad romance theme. Make sure you've enough tears, because you will be run out soon. So here is a little synopsis about it from the book and also the movie :

The story uses John Tyree's point of view of . So the story starts by explaining John Tyree's childhood in Wilmington, North Carolina. He was raised by a single dad who suffers with Asperger Syndrome and also an extreme obsession with coins. Sometimes, this, I mean coins, is the only subject John can talk about with his father. He struggled to gain his father's affection and did reckless things to do so. And after he graduated from high school, he didn't know what does he want to be. Then he choose to join the army. While he was on leave from the army, he met and then fell in love from head over toe to Savannah Lynne Curtis, the girl of his dream.They only needed two weeks to fall to each other. After his leave was done, he continued his work as an army. Savannah waited for John and sent him a letter every week which started with "Dear John....." the letter read, with the two words, a heart was broken and two lives were hanged forever.After the 9/11 tragedy, he must ultimately decide between re-enlisting in the army, or returning home to be with her. I don't wanna tell you how was it end, you should read  it by yourself. But thing you should know is from the beginning of the story He has told us that John and Savannah's relationship only has 3 parts which are a beginning, a middle,and an end.

The movie uses an observer's point of view. But mostly this movie tells about John's life. The movie starring Channing Tatum as John Tyree and Amanda Seyfriend as Savannah. The  movie starts by when John got shot and he was about to black out, instead of his childhood memories. He said, the first thing that popped in his mind were coins and the very last thing was his father. Mostly the movie and the novel were the same. But like any other adaptation movie, there are always differences. In the novel, Tim was Alan's brother. Alan has autistic, which made Savannah took special education major. But in the movie, Tim was Alan's father. In novel, Savannah was already in college when she met John. In movie. Savannah wasn't already in college when she met John. Another difference was, in the end of the novel John was only noticing Savannah from afar. In movie, John and Savannah were hugging each other. There were other differences but where is the fun if I tell you everything here? hihi.
And here is the movie trailer,  go take a look for a moment ;;)

And btw in the movie, John and Savannah had a habit of saying "I'll see you soon, then?" (instead of goodbye, seeyou, adios, or something like that) and when one of them say that sentence, the other will say "I'll see you soon then."
And the saddest part is..........................this.

For a fifteen-year-old-going-to-sixteen girl like me the story is easily-understand. Despite the story related to the military thingy. Because this story actually taught me more than i realize."Dear John" taught me :
  • No matter the way your father is, he's still your father.
  • About millitary thingy.
  • You don't need to see someone's face everyday to fall in love with him/her.
  • What is Asperger Syndrome.
  • Love meant that you care for another person's happiness more than your own.
  • No matter where you are if you close one of your eye, and then the moon will never be bigger than you thumbs.
  • At some point distance is just a number. 
Thanks for letting me share this quick review. Go bombed the movieeee!!! It was awesome! xoxo, bulan.

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