My brain became such a machine in this past 3 weeks. I became a thinker and overthink everything pretty much a lot. Its always "why" or "how" spinning in my brain for 24hours. Suddenly everything has a huge question mark on it and yelled at me to answer it. Once I ever read that human's brain can save 5 times more information than a set of encyclopedia. I assume that's not true. My brain was overloaded for trying to understand everything, yet still many questions I can't answer. But isn't it funny that the brain named itself  :)

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  1. that's because we only understand about 10 percent of how brain function :D

    1. ohyaa, wihhh thanks for the knowledge kak :)

    2. klo bsa lebih mungkin ga akan overload, mungkin hahaha

    3. otak overload itu emang ga ada kan yaaa akal-akalannya manusia aja nihhh