Whoever invented family was really smart!


"In general, I guess, it can be frustrating to realize your world is very different from that around you and its sad to know whenever there's some conflict that its because you yourself are too strange and your point-of-view is too twisted, but it makes it all more comforting and exciting to have someone or some people who kind of understand the way you do in some way or another and will stand by you no matter your choice is. Man,whoever invented family was really smart."

Fyi, today is my birthday!! I'm turning 17 which is based on Indonesia's law, I'm legal now! Well so this post was dedicated for my heartwarming family. Mama, Papa, Mentari and Bintang. They're freaking awesome and basically almost my everything.

My dad was such a stubborn man and sometimes likes to act like he knows everything. But he always believes what he believes and I adore him for that. He once told me that when he was at his office, all of his hard work that he does, he did that for his family I was trying to do so too. When I was at school, every exams, homeworks, and tasks that I did, I did that to make them proud. Dad was also the one who told me to be brave to step out of my comfort zone. In 2000, our family lived in Kupang and my dad has everything in there. I mean like all of his family were there, dad has a good job, nice house, nice car, everything was good. When his boss told him that he could move out from Kupang if he want, and guess whattt? he freeze his fear and said yes! He left everything that he had, he step out of his comfort zone for his own good. If he never moved from that city, I won't be here, I won't experienced everything that I already had, and maybe I won't have a good education, because as you know in Kupang the education and the competition wasn't really that good. He's the hero!

Mom was a strong human. My dad was often out of town because of his job. So mom has to deak with us every single day without any help. thats not slightly easy, She raises us to be an independent individual, she doesnt want us to rely on her for everything. and she hates it when her kids being such a careless,she wants us to be care and creative. Its like "oh-looks-like-my-yard-gets-mess-up-so-I-have-to-sweep-it" care. When you know what you need to do and being productive instead of being a lazy pig in hot summer day.

Mentari was a good big sis. She always looks after me and Bintang. Every time she went to a good restaurant or cafe, she always brought us some of the food. She was the one who made me understand that sushi is yummy. But honestly I hate her when she was like grumbling and cursing at the end of the day about how much tasks that she had to do for her college, while the only thing she does all day was paling candy crush. I mean like hey its all for her own good. She should be thankful because she still able to get in the college, while thousands of teenagers out there can't go to a college and have to work their ass off for living, Oh and also she has a bad sense of humor geez, but i love you tho.

Bintang wasn't really that annoying little bro, but can't control his emotion especially when he gets angry. He's a lil bit like my dad too, he believes what he believes, but in his case he likes what he likes. Since a little, this bro has been through a lot of hobby. A lotttt. Guitar, soccer, violin, piano, choirs, karate, yoyo, skateboard, bike, basketball, magic, card,and the last one is Pramuka, I wish it is his last one. But yaaa he had done it all, like I said before, he likes what he likes. Once or twice Mentari and I get mad because he spent so much dad's money for his un-long-lasting hobby. Well what can we say. Bintang was funny and has an overload alayness!

Well I think the whole idea of having siblings was nice. Especially if the year-gap wasn't really far. You learn not to become a selfish human being and not being such a douche-bag simply because your siblings will get mad or yell at you when you started to become one.

Thank you ma, pa, sis, bro. Thanks for all the fights, memories, lessons, knowledges, advices, and critics, for the last 17 years. You guys made me become a better person everyday and I am who I am today because of you.

sekian terima kasih - Bulan, 17 tahun.

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  1. HAPPY BDAY KIM!!! Stay young biar laku terus ;)

    1. makasihhhh kimmm!!!!!!!! :*
      hits bgt sih lo kocar kacir kemana2 muluuu!!