We're going to college?


Hey pals! holly moly its July already. Whats going on with June? Is she hiding from me? She seems mad at me. Oh whaterfff hahaha. SO making college definitely became my new hobby since I wasn't really going anywhere on this holiday.
Yes, I have been into Photoshop since 2 years ago. But its kinda like on-off relationship between me and him because at first I didn't really understand the tools so I only follow the tutorials that I found in Google. It was so horrible because every picture that I did turned out to be some kind of stupid pic. I'm not saying that the tutorial was bad but the idea of me trying to edit a pic without any knowledge about Photoshop was bad and disgusting. Examples, I've made my blue-avatar, changed Bella Swan's face with my face, or replaced that blonde assassin girl in MI4's face with my face. And because I really didn't know what I was doing, like how to balance my face's tone color with Bella Swan's body color, so it ended up look like an alien! But it still funny somehow and I still haven't delete those pics, but there's no way I will upload it in here, no way. Since I realized that it was such a stupid action, so I quit. 

Yeah I quit, even when I started to understand it, I'm such a chicken, i know. And I never open Photoshop until last week, I saw my lil bro dug into it. and after I saw him, I opened it and the next 2 hours I made like 4 colleges without any tutorial of course. Because basically you can never make a good college if you follow a tutorial, its all about go hard or go die. You need to be original and do what you want. But mine are not really good, it was like okay fine, but it hasn't blew me away. Maybe because I made it real quick and super hurry, idk why, so I didn't pay attention on every detail so yeah. I'm not really that narcissistic to use my own selfie(that not good enough to be edit-able) so I used only 1 pic of myself and 3 pics I took it from @Sparrowly's pic from her instagram (you guys should check it out! simply because she's a lil hipster) and the others I just grabbed them from tumblr. Xoxo, bulan.

Ps: This year is my last year in high school. Hasn't figured it out which university I'll go or even which faculty :( 

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