Nails and Hammer!


The fact that I'm still in the middle of final-exams-week just slap me. In the face. Really hard. I actually still have 4 days journey to get my freedommmm! and tomorrow I have english and toefl test and haven't study anything yet. so I have to be really quick to post this one. I have no idea what I wanna post, but oh well I don't care. Since, I really love nails and stuff so lets talk about it. I can't draw, so I like to paint my nails as an escape. Pathetic.

But hey galzzzz! I just found out that even your nails will seem pretty, painting your nails is also dangerous for your body. It was dangerous because of the chemicals which contained in it and the chemicals called Phthalates. The study has shown that Phthalates can interfere the metabolism of 'fatty tissues', causing insulin resistance in healthy women. When we're talking about insulin then we're talking about Diabetes. So yes, Phthalates can increase the risk of diabetes, up to 2 times!!!!! diabetes? huohhhh, I love eating candy and painting my nails, another slap in the face maybe?

Therefore, these are some tips for you who love to paint your nails but still want to reduce the risk :

  1. Watch the expiry date
    Expired nail polish can cause symptoms such as irritation, redness itching to culminate infection. Long-term effects can lead to cancer.
  2. Note the chemical constituents in the nail polish
    Choose nail polish with water-based and doesn't smell. Nail polish which has a sting-smell is usually dangerous and can lead to dizziness.
  3. Choose a reasonable-price nail polish.
    Don't choose nail polish which is too cheap, even if you don't have much money. It's better not to buy at all rather than harm your own health. Because the chemicals that contained in it can't be accountable.
  4. Let your nails look natural
    Less is more! But if in case you really have to paint your nails, make sure that at least 2 or 3 days in a week your nails are nailpolish-less (I don't know what is it called in english.)
Some pictures of my nails!

and since the title is Nails and Hammer, it would be a public deception if there's nothing about hammer, so yaaaa lets find a hammer. So cool!

There you go. I hope you find this post a lil bit helpful! wish me luck for my exams! 
and I'm really sorry for my english, i know it's really bad. I'm learning :)
xxxx, bulan.

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