Ran Away.


All third-graders in my senior high school were doing UAS or school final exams on 18-22 March, I'm not a third-grader so I had days off so I ran away to Yogyakarta! But I was there only untill March 21. And since my bro had to prepare for his junior high school's final exam and my sis had no days off so I went alone! emhmm not completely alone actually because my dad had some work there buttt he had works to do so he often left me alone but that was so fine, dad. Here are some awesome places that I visited when i was there!

Too bad it was raining when I got there. But nothing can stop me, not even rain!! 

Since I already went there when I was on my school trip, so I just stopped by when passed that place at night. So fun! There were a lot of street music and they always there every night! And if you keep walking to the end of Malioboro Street at night you will find this guys who wears clothes like a ghost, but Indonesian Ghost like kuntilanak and pocong!

Prambanan Temple a.k.a Candi Prambanan a.k.a Candi Rara Jonggrang! The sun shone so bright! I'm getting darker but the temple was extremely aweee-some! I'm in love with this temple, the reflection of its figure is very incredible like i will never stop taking a lot of pics.


Alun-Alun Kidul
So brightttt! There were a lot of... what is it? becak? yeah something that looks like becak but more modern and they decorated it with a lot of lights and it became so cool. and you can ride it by yourself. Don't know becak? Google it, mate. Besides those shining becaks in Alun-alun Kidul you can try walk between those two big trees in the middle of the park. But not just walk but you have to walk between the two trees with eyes closed! if you can get past the two trees with eyes closed then your wish will come true, because it is believed that only those who has kind and pure heart that could pass. Andddd I tried three times and I perfectly passed it on the second and third!

The distance between those two trees seem so width aight? but believe me  it was so hard!


peace out, swagger!

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