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Remember my Live In program? so yeah this is the story!

14th Dec.
Heading to Nanggulan from school! I was in the 1st bus. Sitting between Diva (she's also my Live In housemate) and Nina! Fyi, Bogor-Nanggulan takes around 14 hours. So for killing time, we watched some movies in the bus. Madagascar 3, Step up 3, Step up revolution, The Dictator and etc. And do not forget to wearing socks, it was so damn cold!

15th Dec.
We arrived at Kulonprogo in the morning! We gathered in Kulonprogo's central chapel and after that still have around 30mins trip to get to Nanggulan. The road to get there wasn't so nice. Slightly perforated and bumpy. Then we arrived at Nanggulan. The schedule for that day was only getting to know with our foster family and the environment. But firstly we gathered in Nanggulan's chapel to pray and then the teacher handovered us to the local foster parents. My foster dad is Bapak Sujiman (Mr. Sujiman). The funny thing was when the teacher called Bapak Sujiman, the one who came was Mas Fajar (Bapak Sujiman's oldest son) and everyone was like "what the hell is goin' on?" Our house was near the chapel, it only took you around 5 mins. And thanks God our house's bathroom was inside the house, because most houses in Kulonprogo have a bathroom that was outside the house.

16th Dec.
I haven't exactly instoducing you to my foster family, have i? So let me.
Bapak Sujiman, he was an ex-teacher. He quit because he felt bored and that it was enough for him for being a teacher. Now he's a supplier of his own garden. He harvested and supplied his own  crops to the people in nearby traditional market and got benefits from it. (And when I said traditional it really is traditional, the market was only open in Wage and Kliwon, its Javanese calendar.) The fact that he has worked as a farmer, driver, seedlings seller, teacher, supplier and he can live the way he live now, got me&Diva shocked. Bapak's parents was illiterate and weren't that rich, so Bapak paid his college tuition all by himself until he became a savant  Such an inspiring and hardworking person.
Ibu was a principal in one of elementary schools in Nanggulan. Same like Bapak, Ibu paid her own college tuition because her parents weren't so rich. Ibu and Bapak knew each other when Ibu was in junior high school, Bapak was her teacher ;;)
Fajar, because we stayed in Java and Fajar was older than us then we had to call him Mas Fajar. Mas Fajar will graduate from college this year. He has a gf named Mba Ratih ;;)
Willy was Bapak's youngest son. He was a 7th grader. Everyday, he went to school by riding a motorcycle. He was extremely lazy to eat, not only vegetables or fish he was lazy to eat anything. anything.
Jono, it was The Sujiman's dog. I don't really know many kind of dog all I know is that Jono was so funny and he has fluffy white fur .
At 4pm, Ibu took us to go looking for food/grass to feed Ettawa goats. And just like any other kind of goat, Ettawa Goats have their own favorite food, which is cassava leaves! We used a sickle to scythe the leaves.
Jono with his pack!

this is what you got if you went down to the forest and forgot to put lotion on your skin. Extremely itchy red spots!

17th Dec.
Monday passed in blur. Everyone in the house left me&Diva all alone. Bapak&Mas Fajar went to his garden, Ibu went to her school, and Will went to the school! But around 10am we did a communal work with neighbors to clean up the village. After that me,Diva,Priscil,and Aurel went to Gua Maria by foot. It only 20 mins from our house. And guess what we found in front of the entrance door, a snake!!! Not very big actually(my sandals is size 7), and it was already dead. But it was still scary. Then we were just looking around and of course taking pictures :)

18th Dec.
At 4am me,Diva, Bapak, Mas Fajar, and Mba Ratih went to the traditional market to sell Bapak's crops, it was pete. While Bapak and Mas Fajar selling it, me&Diva&Mba Ratih walked around and looked for  traditional cakes. There were dadar gulung, apem, nagasari ,etc. They tasted yummy. At 11am, Ibu already said goodbye to us because she was going to go to Ambarawa for a meeting and won't be there when we left Nanggulan :(
With Ibu

19th Dec.
At 6am, me&Diva's bags already packed and ready to go. We said thanks for welcoming us and for provided a place to stay, foods to eat, and for the great experience that we had there and apologized if we got anything wrong and said things that weren't desirable. Sayonara! I'll see you soon The Sujimansss :) Then we went back to Kulonprogo's central chapel, remember when I said that the road from central chapel-Kulonprogo wasn't so nice and it was slightly perforated and bumpy? the first time I passed that road was by MPV car, it wasn't a nice experience. So this time I took the truck. And the view from the truck was more fascinating.
Left-Right: Me, Willy, Bapak, Mas Fajar.

The Truck Kiddos

After that, our school went to the town!!!! First stop,  Keraton Yogyakarta. That place was nice, only if it didn't rain while we were there. Next stop was Malioboro! Time to buy some stuff. I didn't buy much, but this funny chocolate just got me laughing so hard hahaha. Me&Diva took a becak, how sweet. And me&my friends went to the nearest railroad only for taking pics hihi. Heading back to Bogor at 6pm. Safely arrived on 20th Decembers morning. 

Left-Right: Nina, Tesa, Diva, Abdi Dalem, Me, Ayu, Prisil Ongka.

Left-Right: Rega, Ratih, Fika, Me, Diva.

xoxo, bulan.

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