a situation where you have no idea how you end up there


the interview

Last couple months, i was trying so hard to make a good post. I was trying so hard to post more words than pictures. I wanna write something that matter, something like #BlackLivesMatter, or the attack on Istanbul airport, or about Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama's speech. Something that worth your time to read. But  still got nothing hffff.

So here we go.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have no idea how you end up there? Like how did you become best friend with your best friend? or how did you even know about Facebook at the first place? or how you stop watching Power Rangers when you were a kid?

I remember it was mid 2009. My chairmate, an alternative-rock enthusiast, having this music-related conversation with another boy that sat behind us, I remembered trying to join in with saying that I like Greenday (since i only know that one) and they were like “Boo, Greengay! they sucks.”

That was like a slap in the face. I shut up. But i remembered they once mention about Arctic Monkey. Going home, in order to be fit in (yeah, i was that pathetic) i downloaded the Arctic Monkeys songs. Three songs of them.
The view from aftenoon (check out the MV, reminds me of Whiplash! HAH!)

At that time, songs on my phone either HSM ost or Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber’s first single, BABY. So can you even imagine how my reaction is when I heard those songs.

It freaking hurt my ears at that time. So i delete it. I gave up trying to fit in.

On 2011, i move to Bogor. One of my classmate, Sapi, saw my playlist then laughed. "ew disney.." she said. She told me that i should hear ARTTM. So i did. Since that i started paying attention to any other bands, trying to evolve my playlist. I remembered how hype i was about The Killers. I also remembered seeing All Time Low on MTV. I started diggin’ them and guess what, my ears didn't hurt from listening to their song. HAH.

Then one day my classmates discussed about whose band has the best drummer. Someone said, Arctic Monkey. BOOM. My brain relive those 2009 memory.

The next thing i know, when i got home i tried to listening to arctic monkey. 
Their songs started to make sense.

Now its 11pm on 19th of July 2016, and here i am crying over this.

Fun things i found on internet when i wrote this :
- Kurt Cobain's suicide note. I. just. can't.
- Oh how i love when people analyses art with a logical thinking, a writing about Alex Turner's voice 

Ps : not a big fan of arctic monkeys, just tryin to track down how i end up listening to their song

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