My "GoT Season 6" Excpectations


My plan was to make it on After Effects, but seems like the universe doesn't like that plan. My AE suddenly keeps quitting every time I open it. So I used photoshop, and the quality is super crappy omg.

On Season 6, I wish :

  • Hodor never leaves Bran
  • Sir Jorah Mormont dies. His life is so sad, i can't bear it
  • Ramsay Bolton dies poisoned by Varys
  • Jon Snow finally knows something (if he still alive)
  • Theon Greyjoy survives and marry Margery Tyrell for political purpose (Go Reek!)
  • Jaime leaves Cersei and joins the night's watch
  • A man turns out to be gay. A man doesn't need woman.
  • Tyrion make an alliance with Daenerys, and together win the iron thrones. Then wait until someone ruins it :)

UPDATED (SPOILER ALERT. Season 6 was finished *sigh)
  • Rest in peace my hero!
  • Well, Sir Jorah hasn't die.... yet
  • HOORAY!!!!
  • I like the fact that Greyjoy and Tyrell made an ally with The Targaeryn
  • WTF. Freaking Mad Queen!
  • A man said goodbye to Arya Stark from Winterfell
  • can't wait for the next season!

Credit : All characters illustration made by Jerry Liu Studio

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