how much do i worth?


Since early February this year, I took Mass Communication class and Digital Media class. And I think those classes took a part in changing the way I see the media right now, especially the new-media.

I'm might be not the master of those subjects but here is what I'm sure of, do you remember the protest against SOPA-PIPA in the U.S? or The Malala Fund? or  the Arab Spring in the Middle East? or even how Obama win the election? It all happens thanks to the internet. (Speaking about SOPA-PIPA, you guys have to watch a documentary movie, The Internet's Own Boy!!!)

But on the other side ,thanks to the internet, we ironically measured our worth and value by the number of followers we have or the amount of people w o retweets our tweet or the number of likes we get for our selfie? How can we put the 'price tag' on ourself of how much our worth is. It scares me how I am right now still have this anxious feeling when I post a picture on my instagram’s feed because I’m afraid no one will ‘like’ it. Well, there are common modern ilnesses these days named FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), FONL (Fear Of No Likes), or FOFR (Fear Of Facebook Rejection. At night I often think that if this world right now quiet scares me, then what kind of world that my grandchildren will lived...

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