Oh well so here i am. This blog is almost getting dumped, and am felling guilty. College is intense and I'm freaking overwhelmed. Everything seems like a blur.

Lets speed forward, so i'm joining this Cinematography Club which is the best decision I've ever made I guess. We watch short movies, we analyse it, we learn from the pro, and what i like the most, we try to make one. And it was uber-cool to be a part of something bigger than me.

Below are two videos that had been 'nested' in my pc for quite a long time. Hope you don't get bored and go watch it in HD, please.

P.s: There is this webzine named Sumandak Magazine, and they're currently recruiting people to be a part of their staff. So if anyone of you interested, go ask for further information through SumandakMag's email



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