the mood


i'm honestly not in the mood to write anything in here, but i'll try. 

The photo was taken in a hotel (i forgot the name) near Toba Lake in North Sumatra, and as you can see i put the coordinate of the lake on the pic you can google it or just look for it in a map. Eventho to get there is such a long long wayyy down from Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra. But its still worth it. Medan itself is such a big city with an old vintage vibe, i felt like being in a chinatown when i was there hihihihi

anyway i went there three weeks ago and i took a lot of videos instead of photos, so yeahh... i'll try to make something out of it, it isn't as easy as i though it would be.

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  1. i'm totally a fan of all your stories! bulan cerita cerita terus yee!

    1. Thankyouuuu Caeli!! I fans berattt you juga yowww

  2. Your blog is like tumblr! Love it!

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love your pictures and your blog is amazing! :)