Micro Memories


Its just , you know, some stuff. 

This is frozen yogurts that my friends and I oftenly buy when we went to a mall that near school.

My school's library! The librarians were a lil bit grumpy, but I know that just means they care hihihi

This was taken at the swimming pool where the teacher took our swimming's score

This was taken on a footpath in front of the school. Deffff gonna miss this footpath!

This was a tailor shop in the traditional market near school!

Bulan Horo

2 komentar:

  1. I love these photos! DId you take them? They look so pretty!
    I like your blog, by the way(:

    1. wihiiiyy thank you Maggieee for stoping by. and yes i took them all by myself :) xx