Wrong Era


edited by me, source: tumblr. tell me if you know the owner. 

Here is my today's mood board. I think i was born in the wrong era, people this day are so reckless. idk bye. The strokes is really cool anyway.

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  1. I think that I was born in the wrong era, too. Haha.

    Replying to your comment on my blog, wow! I can't believe I inspired someone to use analogue! Hahaha. Hmm, analogue cameras are kinda hard to find nowadays. Any camera will do, actually, but the Canon AE-1 program is quite popular, which is the one I use now. Anyway, you can start from asking your older relatives to see if they owned any film cameras since that what I did. :-)


    1. Yess, and your pics are all good! waahh i read some reviews about AE-1 and its such a nice camera. I'm currently saving my money to buy canon FTb QL, what do you think?