Films That Affect The Way I Perceived Marriage


I'm quiet easily-affected by things that I watched or read or listened. And today's case is marriage, and films/TV shows. My own concept of marriage has been affected by a few films and tv shows since a long time ago. And here they are:

Disney Films

I have a confession to make: my first encounter about wedding and marriage was possibly through Disney's films. Yup, Cinderella, Beauty & The Beast, Sleeping Beauty, all those fairytales with their wedding dress and church bells. And I do blame those fairytale-films for my my stupid-and-naive-minded...


MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE INDONESIAN FILM! The first film that took my stupid-and-naive soul away from my body and pretty much turned me into a realistic human being, in terms of marriage. Mba Nia Dinata, i owe you big time :)

Away We Go

The fact that the perfect parents doesn't exist and always be grateful for what you have, are pretty much the reasons i cried at the end of this film. Oh and i really adore this quote:
"I'll always love you. Even if you gain so much weight that i can't find your vagina."


This one is also an Indonesian film. Siti tells a story about a woman named Siti (obviously...) and her paralyzed-caused-by-sea-crash husband. Her family is hunted by a debt collector, thanks to her stupid husband. And because her husband can't financially (and biologically) support the family, Siti that had to struggle dealing with the debt. 

Her struggles keeping her family safe and sound is admirable af. It might sounds very 
pro-women, fuck-gender-roles and feminism, and all the bits and bobs, but hell.... the ending hurted me so bad. You need to watch it yourself. 

This is Us

Rising a family is a big deal of teamwork. Having siblings. Childhood dreams. Love has no colors. Gahhh, there were many things that i found interesting about This is Us. 

Please bear in mind, this series is so emotional to me that i dried my eyes out while binge-watched it. The characters are so well-developed, i couldn't help not to feel relate to each of them. 

House of Cards

The relationship between Claire and Frank is so lit. However as an anti-infidelity worshiper, their relationship fcked me up so bad. I can't even tell either i love them or hate them. 

I used to think that couple need to have kid ASAP after they got married. But oh well because of House of Cards, now i'm telling you this, please have kids because you want to and please make sure that you can handle the struggle, don't have kids just because society told you so. Having kids is a matter of choice, be responsible with your choice.  

And that's about it, for now. Do you have any film that influence your concept of marriage? Let me know!

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