Bean Magazine // a booklet by Bulan Horo


Yesterday i took some photos of my journal, and i wanna post them here. But the post turned out kinda lame (well, if you think my others post are already lame then this one is more more moreee) So i figured that it would be super if i make an ebook to put the pictures of  journal, it will feel like you're reading my real journal. I sign up for issuu! Its basically full of my journal and some photos that I never posted before because it was too plain but that would be a waste if i delete those.

Have a look people! (Its only 15 pages, click to enlarge, read slow, pay attention to every little details that i made with hearts :*)

Ps: I know that's not an ebook, but almost close huh? anddd i don't have a scanner so yeah...

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  1. expose kalah nih, edisi 3 bulan yang buat deh

    1. Expose isinya berbobot bibit bebet semua heyyyyy